Friday, 11 December 2009

Vera Wang EDP - The Sequel


I was reapplying the Vera Wang later that day when the bottle slipped out of my fingers and its contents spilt all over the dressing table and floor. I took this as a sign from on high that my ironic wearing of an ultra-feminine bridal scent simply had to stop.

Chastened by this mishap, I will dig out more persona-appropriate scents for the foreseeable future, and meanwhile get used to the heady floral whiff of my ironically smelling furniture and carpet!


  1. oh no. I lost a mini of l'Instant to the kitchen floor, and couldn't believe how long the grouting held the scent for. I went off it after the third week. I hope your carpet is kinder to you!

  2. Time will tell... I am astonished that Mr Bonkers hasn't noticed and objected to the smell, given his dislike of perfume generally. Could you be anosmic to a scent you are not expecting to smell in a particular place?

  3. Maybe he likes the smell of weddings!

  4. That's another theory. : - ) Mind you, as a session musician he dislikes playing at them (a band is rarely appropriate in his view), so he definitely doesn't care for the sound of weddings!