Monday, 13 February 2017

'Hunting the Snark': results of the perfume putdown flingaway / giveaway prize draw

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So I threw down the gauntlet last week, asking people to dish up their favourite perfume putdowns and creatively snarky critiques. A lively and entertaining discussion ensued, in the course of which a consensus emerged about the style of perfume review people favour, namely one that steers a diplomatic line between bland deferential puffery and mean spirited thuggery, ideally with a bit of humour thrown in.

Once the deadline for the competition had passed - a little later than loosely advertised, it must be said - I compiled a list of the entrants who did not officially exempt themselves and did the aleatory biz with Random-org.

Accordingly, I am now in a position to announce the winner:


Congratulations, Crikey! 

Please get in touch to let me know which of the prize options you would prefer, from a ceremonial chucking away of a loathed scent to a decant of a lemming to have and hold, not forgetting the notebook option.

In other news, a perfume review post is up next - no, really!


  1. Well done Crikey!
    Look forward to the perfume review V, but enjoy whatever you post.

  2. Oooh, how exciting, thank you! And a picture of Diss Mere, too. (Local legend has it that the Mere is bottomless, but, well, local legends...)

    I flung an un-requested sample of Sauvage into a giant rusty dumpster today, to celebrate.

    If you are OK with the lemming option, there is one wild lemming that you might be able to assist with: Rainmaker. I would *love* to smell a dab of that, if you still have a dab to spare. (I got married on a rainy day in Portland, in one of the forest parks above the city.)

    And if not, please, cheerfully destroy something caramelly or burned sugary. (I share your loathing for these.)

    p.s. More Diss factlets available at will. (I lived about five miles from there for a few years.)

    1. Hi crikey,

      Well done on the Sauvage flingaway - you did my job for me!

      Rainmaker I had lent away, but it is on its way back, and as soon as I have the sample I will post it off. It sounds as though it would be perfect for you, given your personal - and very romantic - connection to Portland. Why am I not surprised it was a rainy day? ;)

      And I may have something caramelly to toss away too. Angel may feature in the name, just saying. Actually, I am not totally agin caramel and enjoy it in a number of scents, but it can be all wrong in excessive amounts, or when combined with other heady things.

      LOL at the Diss factlets. I fancied there had to be more to that story.