Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bonkers At 3.6: Results Of The Odd Giveaway!

Somewhat delayed by a slew of Paris trip reports and the usual distractions of work, Facebook and domestic chore avoidance, here are the results of the prize draw to mark the occasion of my 3.6th blog anniversary.

The winner (using the recognised virtual tombola that is Random.org) is:


Congratulations, Tara!  Do get in touch to discuss what samples you fancy from my collection.  As you can see from the shot of one of the fridges, there is a bit of an overcrowding situation going on.  Only the Kenzo - and the IUNX Eau Frappée towards the back (not visible) - have managed to negotiate a more relaxed, recumbent position - on very reasonable height grounds it must be said.


Tara said...

Thanks V! Very pleasantly surprised!

Vanessa said...

It is nice to be surprised now and again!