Monday, 31 October 2011

Results Of The Bottega Veneta EDP Sample Giveaway!

The deadline for the Bottega Veneta perfume giveaway has passed! And so, shortly after midday today, the draw for these two samples took place using my tried and tested method of the "Mr Bonkers Random Number Generator". This completely impartial method of winner selection works as follows: I wrote down the names of all the commenters who had expressed an interest in acquiring a sample of this scent and assigned them each a number. Then I asked Mr Bonkers (who obviously did not have sight of the list of names) to call out two random numbers within that range.

I have pleasure in announcing that the winners are:

NANCY (yes, he picked you!!)


LINDALOO (another deserving winner)

Could you please both drop me a line via Facebook or to over the course of the next few days to claim your prize? Let me have your address and I will pop your sample in the post without delay!

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  1. Dear Bonkers, of course I'm real sour about not having won the BV sample, but that's not the point here: I just bought an edp at the Lidl! I did so in Holland, near the German border. It is called Chalon, 50 ml for 9 euro, and it actually smells quite decent, light and flowery, with a bit of coconut in it. There are a blue and a brown bottle available, I'm currently testdriving the blue one. The juice is blue too, quite scary, like something you would hang in your toilet. Wondering about the brown one...

  2. Hi Bradamante,

    Sorry you didn't win - if I had started blogging in 2008 there would have been a third sample available, but you will appreciate that I had to keep my numerals straight!

    Meanwhile I am most intrigued by your Lidl purchase - someone who commented on one of my Suddenly Madame Glamour posts mentioned these two scents, which I have not seen in store before, though you would think they would also be available here. Will see if I can dig out their comment and get another view on the blue one you like! I must say though that if it looks like Curacao that would scare me a little bit too... : - )

  3. Hmm...afraid I can't find that comment - perhaps it was on another post altogether, in which case I have no hope of finding it. But your experience has made me even more curious about Chalon.

  4. love to send you a decant - I am, however, a decant-virgin. So if you're interested, please give me some guidance here.

  5. Thank you, Vanessa! I'm so excited!

  6. Hi Bradamante,

    Thanks for your kind offer of a decant of Chalon. Given that there is a certain amount of rigmarole - as well as special decanting "tackle" involved - let me try to locate a Lidl selling it first. If it isn't in UK stores for any reason, I shall be over in Europe again before Christmas. I quite often go to the Dutch/German border as it happens, if that is prime Chalon hunting ground!

  7. Hi Nancy,

    Well done, and I hope you like it!

  8. Just tried the BV, it had made its appearance in our local dep store. Lovely as expected.
    Quite curious what you would make of the Chalon - hope you find it - if not, let me know, I might be of help then. Gonna try the brown one too - still a toilet association, alas...

  9. Hi Bradamante,

    Glad you have now caught up with BV and that you like it as much as you expected. : - 0

    Re the Chalon, that toilet colouring is disconcerting but I suppose one needs to rise above it!

  10. I'm chuckling at the thought of Mr Bonkers calmly going along with being used as a "random number generator".

    And there are more intriguing Lidl scents to be tracked down! A Bonkers quest, hurrah.

    All is right with the world even though it is Hallowe'en.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  11. Hi Anna,

    Mr Bonkers doesn't go calmly along with much, it must be said, but I think I caught him offguard while extending a freshly made cup of tea in his direction.

    Yes, another Lidl quest begins...I am also on the look out for their Heritage Hand Washes, which have rather sophisticated perfume-type names and predictably cost buttons. : - )

  12. Thanks so much to you and Mr Bonkers. Amazing what fresh tea can do.
    (I've emailed my address as directed.)
    Looking forward to reading about your recent travel adventures while thoughts of suede goodness dance in my head.

    -- Lindaloo

  13. I wish I'd seen this, I would definitely have entered as have been quite interested in Bottega Veneta. Congrats on your 2nd blogoanniversarywhateverthingie!

  14. Hi Lindaloo,

    Congratulations! Your sample will be despatched tomorrow and stories of Swiss sniffing and serious sample scoring in swish stores are up next...

    : - )

  15. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the blogoversary wishes and sorry you missed the draw.
    : - ( You might find BV in your local department store by now, with any luck.

  16. Re your reply: "...stories of Swiss sniffing..." Cant't resist saying: Eight esses exceeds expectations -- your alliteration abilities attain new heights. I bow before your superior skills. :))

    -- Lindaloo

  17. Hi Lindaloo,

    Having four "s"s in my own name (Vanessa Musson) has, I sense, given me a headstart on the sibilant sentence front.