Monday 6 July 2015

Bonkers is off again!

Wuppertal's Schwebebahn
It is four years since I last went abroad for work - I met Birgit of OT in her native Austria during two such trips in 2011, in two different parts of the country, no less! Since then, however, I had rather resigned myself to the fact that my business travelling days were probably behind me, seen off by that villainous duo of Skype and online surveys. But it seems I spoke too soon, as July finds me embarked on four weeks of lunatic Euro-hoppery, five if you include two (long, hot!) day trips to Suffolk and Berkshire last week.

In fact, the whole of the past fortnight has been an exhausting blur of appointment making and travel arrangements - so far including plane, train, tram, and that most challenging transport mode of all - bus. I am accompanied on this trip by the ever portable and pliable Max Rat, and am checking into Facebook when I can for a bit of much needed social interaction while on the road. Sadly, though, the proper blog posts I am planning will have to be deferred till later in the month, and I fear I shan't be able to keep up with my favourite blogs, either in terms of reading and commenting - or not as systematically as I like to do.

But I will be back - with perfume reviews and the usual Bonkers travelogue(s)! Yes, I am keeping a notebook to hand, and have already started jotting down things that strike me...