Tuesday 2 October 2012

Crash, Bang, Wallop, What A Mention - Bonkers Is In The Daily Telegraph!

By a curious quirk of the Interwebs, my recent review of Lidl's latest fragrance release, X-Bolt for men by G Bellini, was picked up the next day by Harry Wallop, a Features Writer at The Daily Telegraph. He dropped me a line, asking me to get in touch, as he wanted to have a chat about the Lidl aftershave by way of background research for a "fun feature" of his own on the subject.

The finished article can be read here:

I have to admit that it was quite thrilling to be referred to by my surname, like a criminal or some kind of authority figure - you know the way papers do. That distinction is usually reserved for Sibling Bonkers, the "go-to" seismologist to whom the British media turn whenever the Richter Scale nudges 7 and up.

And "metrosexual" or not, I learnt that Harry Wallop himself doesn't in fact wear aftershave himself, but perhaps that is all about to change. For it turns out that Lidl is a purveyor of more than "keenly priced cherry brandy" and an "eclectic selection of sausages". In G Bellini X-Bolt it has pulled off a "rather good apple juice" too... ; - )

For anyone who is interested and who may have missed them first time round, check out these links to my earlier posts on Lidl's female fragrances, Suddenly Madame Glamour (a dead ringer for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle) and Suddenly D'Or (a dupe of Ghost Luminous).

Photo of Daily Telegraph logo from ishabaydhaba.com