Monday, 4 June 2012

Guest Post On Bois De Jasmin - Touring London Perfumeries: A Bonkers Bike Ride

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations are in full swing in London this long weekend, and to mark the occasion, I have a guest post up on Bois de Jasmin today! - link here.

You see, last month my friend Alberto and I had the idea to see if we could get round some of my favourite London perfumeries using the city's (almost free!) cycle hire scheme. This is the account of that day, together with some suggestions as to how our itinerary could be adapted to suit a more relaxed schedule - or even a completely different mode of transport! Yes, it was a bit of a madcap exercise to get around on bikes, but my verdict is a resounding thumbs up. "Two wheels good"? I'd say so...

I would like to thank Victoria for the invitation to contribute to Bois de Jasmin, and to wish British readers of Bonkers a bunting-bedecked Happy Jubilee Weekend. Too bad about the weather, eh...? : - (


  1. "Le Labo samples are noted for being rare as hen’s teeth, and this is a career first!" - priceless! :)

  2. Hi Undina,

    I count it as a real coup, I do! (Especially having failed to score Le Labo samples on a couple of previous attempts in Liberty... : - ) )

  3. I loved that expression too! :)

    Thanks again, Vanessa, for a fun bonkers ride around London.

  4. Hi Victoria,

    I guess I could also have said: "a bit backwards in coming forwards"...

    Thanks again for inviting me to write for Bois de Jasmin - I really enjoyed working with you! : - )

  5. Hi Natalie,

    Yes, it was a lot of fun!

  6. I'm sure that the Queen's Jubilee was a special event to all British. We don't get those kind of celebrations here ;)

  7. Hi lucasai,

    Nice to hear from you! I am sorry you don't have any comparable celebrations in Poland - I guess the monarchy here do put on a jolly good show on such occasions. : - )

  8. I loved your post at BdJ! My silly phone would not let me post, though. Bonks on a bike; I wish that photo had made into the montage.

    I love to hear about your travels, and the Boris bike method seems an adventuresome way to go. Perhaps I wouldn't have to feel so guilty about enjoying pub grub in London so much, if I were pedalling about under my own energy. Nah, who am I kidding? I'd have to bike an awful lot to burn off those brews and shepherd's pie.

    Congrats on the the Le Labo sample score! Those are incredibly rare. Please let us know what you thought of the Poivre 23. You and I are fairly opposite in perfume loves, so I'm not predicting adoration, but it's great fun to hear about your experience either way. Be well.

  9. Hi HemlockSillage,

    Thanks for stopping by - I didn't realise that you were in the London area - for some reason (possibly the time you posted your previous comments?) I thought you were in America. You weren't at any of these Perfume Lovers events by any chance, and I missed you?

    Now there is no actual photographic evidence of Bonks ON a bike, just Bonks having recently dismounted and looking a bit sweaty. Actually that sounds unintentionally rude when I read it back... ; - )

    Yes, the bike method is definitely adventuresome but not that great on the old calorie burning front, as you correctly surmise. Not least because of all the stopping to change bikes and stopping generally at intersections and pedestrian crossings.

    Then occasionally, when I felt a bit too close for comfort between the row of parked cars and the traffic, I would even get off and push my bike, meaning Alberto would have to wait for me again! And I don't suppose bike pushing is particularly aerobic either.

    : - )

    I LOVE Poivre 23. It is so snuggly and zen-like. Softer and less spicy than DKNY Black Cashmere, but the same vibe.

  10. Sorry for the confusion, you were correct in your first guess. I am stateside. London is just my favorite get away city in Europe! I've been many times, and have a blast every time I visit. I've not been brave enough to try bikes in London or in Paris.

    If I lived there, and ate those things all the time, I'd be in trouble. Now, it's just an occasional splurge, when I come for a few days :D I'd trade my current 100F weather here in Texas for London's weather, any day, but seeing your bike photos and the Jubilee photos just really inspire longing for a visit. Be well.

  11. Hi HemlockSillage,

    Aha, I was right after all - thanks for clearing that up. Please do let me know if you are ever over again and would have time for a quick meet up - possibly even on a Boris Bike, now I am "blooded" in their handling!

    Oh boy, is it that hot where you are already? I have travelled around Texas a few times in the past and it was as hot as you describe on each occasion. Your weather really gives the lie to the saying: "Ladies don't sweat, they merely perspire". This lady sweated buckets!