Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Perfume Shopping Around The World - A New Reference Page!

A while back, Undina of Undina's Looking Glass, the undisputed Queen of Information Gathering and Collation, had the inspired idea of compiling links to posts that mention good places to shop for perfume around the world. 

For whether we are away on holiday or on a business trip, many of us have the opportunity to visit perfume outlets on our travels, and Undina thought it could be a useful resource for the perfume community at large if we were to pool our collective knowledge.   

Accordingly, once she had gathered together a certain number of links to perfume shopping posts, Undina decided to create a dedicated page to hold them all in one place.  The next step was to spread the word by inviting fellow bloggers to create similar, "mirror" pages on their own sites, the content for which will be added to on a rolling basis, as she explains below:

"So if you want to host a similar page on your site send me an e-mail and I’ll forward you the HTML file. I plan to update this page with new links three to four times a year and I will be sending updates to those who decide to host the page. You do not have to publish this page on your blog to have your links included and you can host the page even if you do not have any perfume shopping guides of your own (yet?)."

Here is my own "portal" to Perfume Shopping Around The World or click on the link in the sidebar.  If you know of any other articles to include (yours or anyone else's), do drop me a line on flittersniffer at gmail dot com - the more the merrier!

And finally, I would like to thank Undina not just for coming up with the concept of a perfume shopping "directory", but also for her technical help in setting up the Bonkers version of the page!


  1. Great idea,Veeee, thank you! Let's not forget Neroli, in Budapest, as it has some wonderful lines as well, cue Profumum, as well as RBR for us makeup lovers!

  2. Hi lovethescents,

    Neroli, of course - that is another key one to bear in mind which you have checked out yourself. I wonder if anyone has blogged about it? Thanks for that!