Thursday, 3 October 2013

The clipboards are turned! Bonkers is interviewed on Olfactoria's Travels & Purple Paper Planes

Well, here's a turn up for the books...  As readers may know, I am a market researcher, and am often excluded from answering surveys by virtue of my profession.  So I jumped at the chance to take part in a couple of Q & A sessions recently, hosted by fellow bloggers.

The first was with Olfactoria of Olfactoria's Travels, as part of her 'People in Perfumeland' series, in which Birgit asks her guests 20 open-ended questions (I love open-ended questions - they are my stock-in-trade!) about their lifestyle, tastes and habits.  If you haven't already seen it, hop on over to Birgit's blog for that post - here is the link.

The other Q & A piece was with Lavanya of Purple Paper Planes - by pure coincidence, and following the principle of multiple buses coming along at once, both posts were published yesterday. ;-)

The questions posed by Lavanya (plus an extra one lobbed in by Suzanne of Eiderdown Press) concern definitions of beauty, an abstract and quasi-philosophical topic on which I initially felt ill-qualified to comment.  But Lavanya assured me that I should have fun with the subject matter (I love having fun!) and not be concerned on that front.

Snow by Lawren Harris

So here is the link to Lavanya's post, Seven Questions on Beauty - if you compare my answers to those of Suzanne, who features in the previous post, our take on what constitutes beauty is incredibly similar.  I am looking forward to comparing notes with the other contributors yet to come!

Oh, and I did once blog about going 'on tour' with the band whose track I selected in my 'beautiful music - UK' category.  It was only last year, but newer readers may be curious - there are a number of perfume connections, even. ;-)


  1. A Lawren Harris fan! Over here we have the "Spot the Canadian" game, which means conversations during movies, etc. are peppered "Oh, she's Canadian" and sometimes, "Oh, is he Canadian?" On occasion we wish to deny that someone *is* Canadian (e.g. Conrad Black)...AnnieA

    1. Hi AnnieA,

      Yes indeed! Of Lawren Harris and some of the others in the Group of Seven. I was in Toronto many years ago and made a beeline for an exhibition of their works which was at the top of the big department store on Bay St? I bought my print in a poster shop somewhere downtown on that very day!

      And it so happens that my father's first cousin Joyce, an artist herself in a similar style - now aged 93 and still in Ontario - used to hang out with the Group at her and her husband's forest cabin back in the day - the artists liked to use it as a convenient base for some of their favourite locations. I have just discovered that she even wrote a book about it!

      Oh and Conrad Black - best denied, for sure. ;-)