Monday, 7 November 2016

Results of the elephant perfume bottle giveaway!

Source: Wikimedia Commons (via Editor 5807)
So Saturday night's deadline for the highly desirable(!) elephant perfume bottle prize draw has passed, to the rather timely accompaniment of Bonfire Night fireworks. The name of anyone who met the entry criteria and didn't explicitly exempt themselves themselves went into the trusty virtual number generating hat. Now if the winner actually meant to exempt themselves but didn't say so in so many words, I shan't be offended if they decline the prize, and have taken the liberty of drawing the draw twice so that I have a back up contestant to whom I can offer this most prized pachyderm(!) instead. For I am mindful that it is a rather singular ornament, and when it comes to adding the finishing touch to your home interior, it may not have quite the impeccable style cachet of a Fornasetti candle, for example.

Ooh, I could spend hours deciding which one or half a dozen of those I would choose if money and mantlepiece space were no object.

But back to the giveaway...

The winner is:


Let me know if you would like to accept your prize and I will get it off to you!

UPDATE: Blacknall has kindly offered to pass her prize along to the second person whose name I drew, who happens to be:

The elephant- and perfume-loving CYNTHIA!

A worthy (and entirely fortuitous) runner up! Will try to contact you, Cynthia, as I am mindful that you may no longer be checking this post after the initial result was announced.


  1. No offense to your elephant but...never been more glad to fail yet again at winning anything. : )

    1. Hi Bejoux Noir,

      Hahaha...we shall see what Blacknall made of it now. I promise the next giveaway will have more mainstream appeal, but I was determined to try one last time to find the problematic perfume-themed pachyderm a home.

  2. I didn't enter but i would definitely choose the elephant rather than the Fornasetti. I do not find them the least bit attractive.
    I may have to one like your elephant, just to honour your blog anniversary.

    -- Llndaloo

    Autocorrect thinks Vindaloo would be a better name for me. :-)

    1. That should have been "get" one like your elephant.They are easy to find here. Not sure there are elephants, but I bet I could find a butterfly. :-)

      -- Lindaloo

    2. Hi Lindaloo,

      I laughed at Vindaloo - how very apt under the circumstances! I always think of Indian before African elephants...

      And I am touched that you might think to seek out a butterfly artefact to mark the occasion of my blog anniversary. I think that would have had more widespread appeal now you mention it. Elephants are bit niche, to be fair, though not in a 'niche perfume' way as such. ;)

  3. I must admit I've happily whiled away some time online choosing which Fornasetti candle I'd have if money were no object.
    Congrats to Blacknall Allen!

    1. Hi Tara,

      Hahaha. I think they would really suit a modern interior in particular, and look stunning in a room with lots of white.

      You wouldn't want to use them though - I am like that with most candles I have ever bought! I also don't have a clue about trimming wicks.