Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lindt and Fluff - A Bonkers Cat Litter Hat

I have been busy preparing swap parcels today - all three of them destined for bloggers called Carol. The Post Office clerk who served me was also called Carol, and thought this slew of Carols (is there a proper collective noun for Carols - a "concert", perhaps?) most amusing.

Barring work interruptions, I hope to get on to the final California trip instalment tomorrow, but meanwhile here is a shot of Charlie Bonkers the cat being forced to wear a festive mob cap fashioned from a chocolate wrapper. You won't be surprised to learn that this humiliating headgear was Mr Bonkers' idea. He did try piling up the wrappers on top of each other, and actually got as far as four, before Charlie jumped off the sofa in disgust. This photo was taken at a guess in between the construction of Layers 1 and 2.


  1. Haha! Oh, boy. This picture is destined for stuffonmycat.com.

  2. I love Tortoiseshell cats . My friend from 6-16 was a cat called Treacle. She would have been most put out but then Lindt would have soon been eaten by me !

  3. he's soo cute when he's miserable!

    I'm dying to know who the third Carol is! ;)

    Thanks for the swap, Bonks!!! Mine should be in the mail to you tomorrow

  4. If we tried that with our mad moggy, she'd have our hands for a starter and the wrapped sweet for dessert.

    Feisty feline.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  5. Well Bonkers my friend , televisual delights being rare tonight I decided to read your blog to Holly. The highlights for us had to be the incredible stinkbomb Tribute .Then a duck taped up and I never know if it is "Duct Tape" or "Duck Tape". The Mona Nuit which was funny but having been given migraines by fragrance not all laughs.I shall read more in time , I am glad you like Lily and Spice as I am wearing it today. Holly misses Madmen as we don't have Sky and is also a fan of Desperate Houswives. I am so boring that if it's not Midsommer Murders, Lewis or Poiret I'd rather knit.

  6. Great! Just great! Now, were are Carols spelled the same way? In our part of the world, most Carols are spelled Carole.

  7. Hi Carrie,

    Stuffonmycat - that's the name of it! - thanks for reminding me. I used to have a calendar of theirs showing a selection of even more foolish looking pusses sporting alien headgear, but couldn't remember the name!

  8. Hi Angela,

    Treacle is a great name for a tortie. Although Charlie is in fact female, the people we got her from as a kitten had named her Arthur, as "half 'er face" was black and "half 'er face" was orange!

    : - )

  9. Hi Bloody Frida!

    The third Carol is Waftbycarol, who won't mind my outing her, I am sure, as her name is in the title of her blog!

    Made sure I included a bonkers element to your package...also as a distraction technique.

    : -)

  10. Hi Anna,

    Ouch! Charlie was pretty compliant for the first few layers, I must say.

    Went to a Burns night dinner yesterday and thought of you as I tucked into my cullen skink and haggis and neeps!

  11. Hi Angela,

    Wow! I am flattered that you found enough material in the Bonkers archives to outrun the combined attractions of Scenes from a Teenage Killing, Gok's Clothes Roadshow and Arsenal v Ipswich!

    The incredible stinkbomb tribute - that will be Amouage Homage: Attila The Attar, I take it.

    : - )

    Yes, I do like Lily & Spice, and also own Amaranthine and Orange Blossom from the range.

    Mad Men is great - must investigate the earlier series I missed. Have a ticket for The Children's Hour in the West End next month so will get to see Peggy Olson in the flesh! From very far away and a funny angle, admittedly.

    Yet another knitter comes out of the woodwork! I go by the name of "Runraglan" on a few knitting forums, though am an infrequent visitor these days.

  12. Hi Olenska,

    Good use of the verb form, there!

  13. Hi lovethescents,

    All Carols were "e-free"!

  14. Aw, Charlie Bonkers is a little sweetheart, even when he's cutting his eyes at you!

    Cats just don't appreciate chocolate. Fools, they are.

  15. Hi JoanElaine,

    They may be missing a treat, but it's probably just as well cats don't appreciate chocolate - I have enough of a job keeping Mr Bonkers out of the secret drawer where I hide the stuff (badly). : - )

  16. I hope you do not mind my commenting almost 4 years later ;)
    "proper collective noun for Carols" is just hilarious, I couldn't not to tell you that :)

    1. Hi Undina,

      Of course not! ;) Glad you liked the bit about all the Carols - it made me chuckle at the time.