Tuesday 11 January 2011

11.1.11: Ça Fleure Bon Looks Forward To A Fragrant Year With An 11-Piece Prize Draw...

By way of a scented "sorbet course" to clear the palate between helpings of the ongoing Californian road trip report (just one more category to go before the perfume...er....travelogue!), you might like to check out today's post on Ça Fleure Bon here. The spooky date of 11.1.11 (or 1.11.11 if you prefer) prompted nine of us to address the question of fragrant developments we are looking forward to in 2011 - or would welcome, say. For some are definitely in the pipeline, some are a possibility, while others are more like wishful thinking... And there are a fair few personal aspirations chucked in there for good measure, along with the odd leftover item from people's Christmas lists. Well, mine, certainly.

Not forgetting an 11-piece prize draw, featuring a selection of niche scents and soap courtesy of Xerjoff, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Anya's Garden, Geza Schoen and Atelier Cologne. I've got my eye on the Atelier soap in particular, but am doubtless not eligible to enter!

Photo from The Perfume Diaries exhibition my own


Bellatrix said...

Spooooky :D

Vanessa said...

Not half - the next one is 11.11.11,which will be the same across the pond, for once!

Musette said...

I like number combos like this. November's will be way cool!


ps. are you going to/in California? Are you going to visit any perfumistas whilst there?

Vanessa said...

Hi Musette,

November's date will be something, for sure!

I have been and gone to California (I was there from 6th to 21st December), but my write ups of the trip got bumped by a pre-Christmas trio of posts for the We Three Kings joint blogging project, and a visit to Holland. : - )

To answer your question, I did meet up with Katie Puckrik in San Diego and a swapping pal from MUA called Qwendy in LA. Of which more anon!

olenska said...

Thanks for this, and the ongoing California tales (as I'm stuck in the snowy MidAtlantic, I love the chance to armchair-travel vicariously with you!)

I have to admit, I glanced at the clock by chance today at 11:11 AM and felt a little tingle of the supernatural! :)

Musette said...

oooh, olenska! thanks for the remind. Mine is in 5 minutes!


ps. to be eligible for the draw, where do we enter? I went on ca fleur bon - no place to comment.


Musette said...

oops. never mind. it was just the world's sloooowest load.


Vanessa said...

Hi Olenska,

I would love to visit your snowy part of the world some day. I often get told I look like Bjork, most notably at the hairdresser's when sporting those big butterfly clips as the stylist blow dries sections of your hair! : - )

Vanessa said...


Did you find the comments box? It's right at the end below all the previous comments - quite a long scroll down, so easy to miss perhaps.

ScentScelf said...

Ah! So you met up with Qwendy...she was once the object of blogstalking on my part, as I was a big fan of her writings...not to mention I then discovered she made shoes...looking forward to hearing more about both perfumed meet-ups.

As for the significance of dates...ah, well; I seem to partake of voodoo, mojo, and superstition more when it suits than when it makes sense. (Looks around, tosses salt over left shoulder, knocks on wood.)

Though what in the world could "oveness" signify as a captcha???

Vanessa said...

Hi ScentScelf,

Yes, Qwendy is indeed the shoe lady.

I am also selectively superstitious - avoiding walking on cracks on American roads would be quite a challenge, for example.

"Oveness" would be something to do with having an egg in the oven, perhaps? Or do I mean a bun?

Vanessa said...


I think I may have misconstrued the "snowy mid-Atlantic" to mean Iceland instead of your stated location of southern New Jersey...

: - )

To be in the *mid-Atlantic*, SNJ would have to jut out a fair way, I'd have thought - be more jutting than Jutland, even.

Though by "mid" were you thinking longitudinally rather than latitudinally? Or are you perhaps originally from Iceland, by any chance?

Vintage Lady said...

Good Luck Dear One! I hope you will get it!

Vanessa said...

Thanks, Vintage Lady! I'd happily buy the soap if there was an outlet near me. : - )

olenska said...

I WISH I were from Iceland! I've been into Vikings & Viking mythology since very small, and it's my dream to someday visit the isle of the "huldufolk".... The MidAtlantic covers the coastline from Long Island down to Virginia Beach. NJ is smack in the middle, so technically we're the MidMidAtlantic. And as my town is exactly halfway down the Jersey coast, I live in the MidMidMidAtlantic. Stop me!

Vanessa said...

Hi Olenska,

Well, I was on the right track, it would seem - you are in fact an *aspiring* Icelander, though probably best to keep your bank account right where it is in the MidMidMidAtlantic... : - )

You don't happen to live half way across town, by any chance?