Monday, 17 January 2011

Report Writing Rabbit Hole...

I am just coming up for air following a very strenuous - or, as Mr Bonkers would call it - an "exhaustifying" four day stint analysing the findings from my recent US work project. The last, perfume-themed(!) instalment in the California Dreaming series follows shortly.

And meanwhile here is a fine display of empathy on the part of one of my cacti - or "pathetic fallacy" as I believe it is correctly known. But there again, I've been so busy and distracted may just need a drink.


  1. I hope you get some time to relax a little! Looking forward to your next installement of California Dreaming!

    Maybe give your poor cacti a little Ribena? As we both know, it brought Mr. Bonkers back from certain death!

  2. Hi JoanElaine,

    Good thinking, but Mr Bonkers is jealously guarding his dwindling reserves of Ribena - he thinks he may be coming down with a cold all over again....!

  3. Take some time for yourself. Have a warm bath with your oily soap and a glass of wine. We look forward to your perfumed musings!

  4. Hi lovethescents,

    That does sound relaxing, especially the glass of wine part...

    ; - )

    And meanwhile, some more perfumed musings are up!