Friday, 18 July 2014

Blogger's got the munchies again - an apology and a couple of tips

It has come to my attention that Blogger has been up to its tricks again, eating readers' comments when they hit 'Post' - or possibly even before. I am very sorry about this - the 'dark logarithms' of the software's workings are sadly 'outside my sphere of competence', as Mr Bonkers used to say of most domestic chores except putting the bins out. It is ironic that these problems should recur just when the captchas are at their all time simplest, often consisting of just three (perfectly legible) numerals.

I might tell you that I also have the same problem replying to the comments that people do manage to leave! What I find though - which may or may not be unique to my browser / PC - is that it is invariably only swallows the comment the first time I try to leave it. It tends to publishes on the second attempt.

The tips would therefore be (if you can face that extra step):

a) Copy the comment to your clipboard before hitting 'Post'

b) Try a second time (but if that fails, by all means give it up as a bad job ;) )

Next (normal!) post coming up soon...


Undina said...

I also noticed that behavior but since I always copy my comments before posting I didn't pay too much attention to that behavior. I thought it had something to do with me not being logged in initially. Now I'll know that it's "not me" :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Undina,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Blogger - it is a law unto itself, sadly. I routinely copy comments I post on other blogspot blogs, and even my longer ones on Wordpress blogs just to be sure. It is a very robust platform as a rule, but I have had the odd problem when commenting from my phone.