Monday, 3 November 2014

Results of the 5th Blogiversary draw!

Lavender scent clearly detectable on the reverse!
So the closing date of my 5th anniversary draw must surely have passed, even though I was characteristically vague about when it was. I sort of let it drift on till Sunday in the end. Then I totted up 17 entrants, excluding those who chose to opt out for 'friends and family' reasons, not that there were any constraints in that regard. Now as any longstanding readers may recall, I used to just ask Mr Bonkers to bark out a random number within a particular range, but in his absence, I have had to have recourse again to the electronic wizardry of Some of the house creatures got excited when I mentioned that I was holding the draw today, and asked if they could pull a bit of paper out of a hat, but frankly I could not be bothered to make all the slips - taking care to ensure they were all equal sizes, in case the toys' hands chanced upon a marginally bigger bit of paper when they stuck their hands in. And frankly, none of them are particularly well endowed in the gripping department.

As worn at Scent Bar!

So it was, and I am happy to announce that the winners are:

ANNIEA (drawn first, so she gets first dibs)



Please would you both contact me via with your address information and prize preferences.

AnnieA gets a choice of cushion (or 'pillow' as it may be known over there), fairly amorphously sized T-shirt OR a crystal atomiser, which features in this earlier blog post. I have since read it again, and it seems you can safely put Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette in the bottle, but for arcane reasons of porosity that are completely lost on me, Eau de Parfum appears to be a non-starter.

Ingeborg gets a choice of the two items AnnieA did not select, and if either of these are unsuitable, we can discuss possible perfume-themed alternatives that might work instead.

I am afraid I am a bit wary these days of posting perfume to the US - or mainland Europe - in view of the current more draconian postal regs climate. Or I would have a go, as my moral scruples are negligible on this point ;), but there is an increased risk nowadays of the package being opened by customs officials and its contents destroyed. So if either winner would really prefer perfume, it is fine by me as long as they are prepared to take that chance.

Attractive atomiser for very specific fluids!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you...AnnieA

Ingeborg said...

Lucky me! What fun, I had my birthday at the start of October, so it will be sort of a belated birthday present. I will e-mail you, Vanessa.

Vanessa said...

Congratulations, AnnieA! The T-shirt is yours.

Vanessa said...

Congratulations, Ingeborg! Am pleased that this will extend the period of birthday gifts.

The T-shirt was AnnieA's choice, so that leaves the two other prizes pictured, or something else we can figure out between us back channel. Please don't hesitate to say if you would like a substitute! Bonkers is bizarrely fluid like that. ;)