Thursday, 25 November 2021

Gillie Nicholls Open House Pottery Sale: 26/11 to 28/11/21 (also featuring my Runraglan Knits!)

This is an even more off-topic post than usual, which is saying something, but on the off-chance that this might reach anyone who might be interested and live within striking distance of Stafford, I wanted to mention an upcoming "Black Friday (Weekend)" event. For my good friend Gillie Nicholls (singer, songwriter, potter and sculptor) is holding an Open House from Friday to Sunday of this week. She will be selling a wide selection of her hand thrown pottery, and I will be peddling my knitted wares. The weather is getting colder, so their time has come!, plus they also would make ideal Christmas presents. The details are in the poster, but in case they are a bit small to read, here they are again:

Friday Nov 26th: 4-8pm

Saturday Nov 27th: 10-4pm

Sunday Nov 28th 10-4pm

30, Victoria Terrace, Stafford ST16 3HA

Tel: 07817 550360

By way of further enticement, there will be tea and coffee and homemade treats. ;) After the long gloom of the pandemic, the weekend will also be a welcome opportunity to catch up with friends and neighbours - or any perfumistas out there who'd like to come along and say hello!

There are more examples of Gillie's work on her website, (including her sculpture of my head), while further photos of my knitted items may be found on my Runraglan Knits Facebook page.

Gillie's idea of a "selfie" ;)


Tara said...

This must be such a nice way to kick off Christmas and get some presents sorted.

As someone who owns a pot and several items of knitwear I can highly recommend.

Vanessa said...

Aw, thanks, Tara. Considering the diabolical weather a surprising number of plucky souls have ventured out, and we are most appreciative of their support and custom. Gillie has plied them with her restorative banana bread and flapjack!

Undina said...

How did it go?
(Great sculpture!)

Vanessa said...

Hi Undina,

It looks just like her!

The sale went pretty well, thank you, especially considering the fact that many people who were coming by car had to cry off, as there were problems on the roads. And it was a lovely social occasion from end to end.