Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bonkers Is Off To London (Yet Again!) - On A Leather And Lipstick Quest

I realise that that title does sound unintentionally raunchy, but this is due to the unfortunate collision of the title of tomorrow's Perfume Lovers London talk ("An Evening Of Leather"), and my ongoing mission to find more contenders in the Holy Grail high end lipstick quest.

I meant to do a proper blog post before I left, but the past couple of days have been uncharacteristically sociable by my standards. Then today was spent pursuing some work inquiries and catching up on emails. To top things off, I have just inadvertently eaten a Tupperware full of Bombay mix, and my mouth is on fire in a way that is not at all conducive to creative endeavour.

So instead of a blog post, you have ended up with yet another shot of a Marble Arch tube station mural (the third, by my count). This is because Marble Arch is the nearest stop to both Les Senteurs (where I have been three times in the last two months!) and The Cavendish Club, where the Perfume Lovers group meets. I am not sure how high readers' tolerance threshold will prove to be as they are faced in post after post with an apparently endless succession of inverted U-shapes. You may have noticed that they are all subtly different - both in terms of colours and design - but even if you did, it may not be enough to stave off chronic levels of arch-induced ennui. And I should perhaps warn you that there are a couple more designs left in my pictures folder, and then of course on any given visit to London I could always go and take some more - I still don't have the definitive set! - but I promise I shall resist the urge.


  1. Can't resist a bit of paraphrasing - "U-shape if you want to, the lady's not for shaping!". (Groan. It could've been worse, if you'd mentioned u-bends instead.)

    Good luck with the travelling and the On-going Quest for Lippie.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh (on a different computer that lets me comment)

  2. I like those signs!

    Have a blast - cannot wait to hear about all about it.

  3. Hi Anna,

    I fear this lady may be in urgent need of shaping if I keep eating Bombay mix at the rate I am going! ; - )

    Sorry for the commenting problems you've encountered - these blogger software problems are all very baffling.

  4. Hi Bloody Frida,

    Glad you are not suffering from archway fatigue yet, though I fear it is only a question of time...

    I will report back soon - there are a number of bloggers attending, so you can expect multiple reports!

  5. Have fun! Looking forward to your report!

  6. Hi Natalie,

    Thank you! The weather is unseasonably warm, which makes walking around the city very pleasant.

  7. Hi Undina,

    Thank you - I am sure it will be fun! There are 30+ people attending, some of whom will be familiar faces from previous meet ups.

  8. Hi Olfactoria,

    Thanks very much! I am not usually very quick off the mark with my reports, but there will be one. ; - )