Friday, 16 March 2012

"Got Lippie!" Dior Rouge Dior Pisanelle Pink - The First Purchase In My Holy Grail Lipsticks Quest

Okay, so I know the name of this blog is Bonkers about Perfume, not Bonkers about Lipsticks. As a matter of fact I did google that out of interest, and got my own blog (twice), right after some sponsored links for Max Factor, MAC and Clinique, haha! So you could say that it almost is Bonkers about Lipsticks in Google's eyes, and certainly that's where my head is at at the moment for some strange reason. I am frenetically reading beauty blogs (more so than perfume blogs, for the first time!) and drawing up shortlists of shades in all the high end ranges, which I plan to investigate further when I am down in London again next week.

I am still puzzling over what might have precipitated this restless quest to find the perfect lippie / gloss in each of the main shades that suit my colouring. The recession? My revolting hormones? The general insecurity of middle age? For I feel strangely driven to find "the one" or "ones" rather - it really is most peculiar. Though in fairness, I did something similar in the first year of fumeheadonism - the voracious reading, the lists, the Ebay stalking - before eventually abandoning the search and resigning myself to just settling down with my top 147 perfumes or so. So I do recognise a similar "sudden onset mania" coming upon me, more to do with lipsticks than any other category of makeup at present, but watch this space. Eyeshadows could well be next, or anything involving noticeable colour - I think colour is key.

But realistically how would it change my life if I did manage to find the optimum shade or three? Which probably won't be far off in tone from the handful I kept in my collection after ditching the 18 old or wrong 'uns in my recent cull. Lipstick is cheering, but not sooo transformative as to warrant the research I am putting into my hunt. And the evidence to date does rather point to the fact that I am still circling endlessly round the same lipstick shades in pinky-browny-nude-beige-rosewood.

I say that, because I have already made my first purchase(!) of Dior Rouge Dior Pisanelle Pink, following extensive scrutiny of my favourite blogs (links below). Blind, and on Ebay admittedly, but as blind buys go this was as good as it gets: the colour is exactly as pictured in the reviews, even on my highly pigmented lips. The only downside is the fact that it is a new tester with a generic white cap instead of the proper one - though I did only pay £15 for it including postage. So the sensory pleasure of using it is diminished by about 50% - as far as the packaging is concerned, anyway! I think it will be my last tester buy. At least with tester bottles of perfume, they may lack their box or come in a plain white one, but the bottle itself looks normal, or that is my understanding. There again, maybe some tester bottles come without a cap - not even a plain white one : - ) - perhaps someone can enlighten me on this point.

So anyway, here are a couple of pictures: one of the lipstick looking a bit odd and one of me looking a bit mad, but the lipstick is shown to good effect at least - that is exactly how it comes off (or goes on, rather) on my lips. I do have another photo where I look marginally less mad, but there is an awful lot of chin in that one, and I am sure you don't want to see that. Also, I haven't done any comparisons with the "pink probationers" in my previous post on this subject, because I figured there are only so many "lipstick line up shots" that a reader can bear! Well, partly that reason and partly the fact that I feel a bit silly for buying something in the same ballpark as what I already own... Also, dark as it may appear in the tube, Pisanelle Pink is definitely lighter than most of my current "pink nude" contingent when applied, as well as being more luxuriant and creamy in feel.



A few of my favourite beauty blogs that have helped me in my plethora-whittling efforts - the first link is to the review that clinched my purchase of Pisanelle Pink. (Also good for capturing its precise colour in the tube as well as on the model's lips, which may even be pigmentally similar to mine):

Café Makeup
The Beauty Look Book
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The Non-Blonde (of course!)
Get Lippie (of course!)
Best Things In Beauty
MyBeautyBlog (my blogger pal in Germany!)
Messy Wands
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And last but not least, the incomparably named Pink Sith

Then there are perhaps ten other blogs, including some British-based ones, which might also come up every time I google a different product, so this list is by no means exhaustive. However, it probably represents the blogs that are top of my head for me now.

In case anyone is concerned, I will be back with a perfume review in my next post. I am still Bonkers about Perfume, really - I just get sidetracked now and then... : - )

Photo of Holy Grail by Vitold Muratov via Wikimedia Commons, other photos my own


lovethescents said...

You don't look mad at all. That colour is very neutral and pretty. Would go with nearly anything. However, I'm not sure if I understand why you're searching for a holy grail colour or three? Why can't you just enjoy several? The HG quest is a pipe dream for people like us, I think. Just try to find colours and textures you like, that will match the look of the day you're aiming for. That might make life easier for you!

Might I also suggest, next time you can, have a little Armani makeover. You'll be surprised by their quality as well! Gorgeous eyeshadows and lipsticks. Just bought a stunning watermelon lippie that I adore. It'd be so pretty on you for the spring as well, especially paired with a neutral/metallic eye on you! <3

Olfacta said...

Nice cool pink!

I've bought several perfume testers online, and all have come without a cap.

Vanessa said...

Hi lovethescents aka Makeup Guru & Mentor Extraordinaire : - ),

"Neutral and pretty" was the look I was going for at this early and tentative stage.

Yes, I am sure I will abandon my Holy Grail quest by and by, as surely as I did my perfume one, but I haven't quite let go of the belief that there just might be one single (or okay, one pink and one peach) scent out there that - when I put them on - feels completely "me", makes me complete, all that type of thing, much like meeting a soul mate instead of a BF who will "do" to be going on with. Very likely a pipe dream as you say! If I find a handful of nice ones in a range of shades that ought to do me really.

However things pan out, I don't think I should ever be allowed to get to 28 again, even if two thirds of those were well over the KP-prescribed 5 year mark and not recent splurges.

Speaking of whom, Katie also recommended Armani, so thanks for seconding that. I am shy about makeovers, not least because I wouldn't dare venture into the likes of Harrods without already being moderately made up anyway!, but maybe I would learn a lot that way, and be pleasantly surprised at the magic that a trained expert can work!

Vanessa said...

Hi Olfacta,


And I was interested to hear that you have bought capless testers online - I did wonder about that. I suppose that in the case of a tester bottle of perfume, the lack of a top is less obvious than on a lipstick, where it is 50% or more of the total construction. So even though these Ebay tester lipsticks actually come with a cap (after a fashion), the overall look is probably less aesthetic than a perfume tester without one!

lovethescents said...

Guru? You're mine, you know that :-) We must have a proper catch up, though...behind there...

Be So. Cal glam and put on your favorite large sunglasses, a bit of gloss on your lips, and march into Harrod's for a makeover. I DARE you :-)

Vanessa said...

Hi lovethescents,

Okay, I consider myself dared! If I don't meet anyone else before that, I might just be able to pull it off... : - )

If I had favourite sunglasses - or any sunglasses indeed - and put them on instead of my normal specs, I might have a problem finding my way to Harrods in the first place. Unless of course I wore contacts and hoped that the act of applying eyeliner and shadow etc didn't flirt them out, haha!

And yes, we should have a catch up - let me know when you are free. If it is to be on Skype, I reserve the right to put make up on first!

Tara said...

Vanessa, that lipstick looks fantastic on you! It is so youthful and does give great coverage even though it's relatively light. Honestly, I didn't think it would make that much of a difference but it's so much better than the other nude pinks/rosewoods. Many congrats on finding it, your research really paid off. I can see why you look so happy (not mad)in that pic. Result!

Vanessa said...

Hi Tara,

Thanks! I did feel happy with my find, and can see me wearing it quite a bit. I can't seem to stop researching other brands and colours though - I don't know what has come over me. I was like this with necklaces once on Ebay, but at least it only lasted an evening or two...

Olfactoria's Travels said...

That is a beautiful color and one I would go for (or truthfully already have in several permutations) myself.

May I utter a friendly warning: The lipstick addiction is a bottomless pit! Beware!!!!!! ;)

Vanessa said...

Hi Olfactoria,

Next time I see you, I would love to take a tour of your lippie collection, just to ogle and marvel, basically. Your complexion is much fairer than mine, but I sense that some of the same pinks may work for us both.

Vanessa said...

PS Your friendly warning about the bottomless pit aspect is duly noted! Apart from my trip to Congleton to dispose of some confidential waste for shredding(!), I have done little else this weekend except read reviews and stalk eBay! I may need therapy by and by.... ; - )

Olfactoria's Travels said...

I would love to take you through my lippies, if that is what it takes to bring you over here again soon! :)
Pauli asks for you regularly, you made a lasting impression on him.

Vanessa said...

Hi Olfactoria,

Lots of things could tempt me, from good conversation to Sachertorte, perfume and now lippies! I am touched that Pauli remembers and asks after me. The few remaining soft toys in my house send their best to P & P (that's Pauli & Pontiac, not postage & packing as you could very well be four given for thinking

Vanessa said...

"forgiven for thinking")

That was Siri's nonsense, and then the phone locked up, which it does a lot for some reason.

Undina said...

It's a very good color on your lips. And I like Dior's lipsticks in general.
I will not be reading those beauty blogs! I will not be reading those beauty blogs! I will not be reading those beauty blogs! ;)

Vanessa said...

Hi Undina,

What can I say? Stay strong! Stay strong! Stay strong!

They do have gorgeous photos though, lots of them..... ; - )

Natalie said...

That lippie is very pretty on you! (and I agree you don't look mad at all). I'm going to refrain from saying more about lipsticks just in case you are trying to avoid further temptation. :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Natalie,

Thanks! I need no encouragement to research and stalk lipsticks I am afraid - the monster has been unleashed already. That said, I have only bought one so far, plus one as a gift.

And I will get myself Black Honey, I think. Can't decide whether the gloss you have would be the way to go, or the lipstick itself.

Natalie said...

For what it's worth, my only complaint about the gloss is that it isn't lip-sized, if that makes sense. I have to use a few swipes to cover my whole mouth (maybe four?).

Vanessa said...

Hi Natalie,

I take from your comment that you may have generously-proportioned lips, and I for one am suitably jealous, hehe!

I caught up with Black Honey (Almost Lipstick) at the weekend and tried it on in store. Went quite red rather than berryish on me, but I would still be curious to try the gloss, which might be a softer wash of colour still?