Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Perfume Studio Fragrance Blending Kit Prize Draw - The Winner Is Chosen!

Mr Bonkers has come down again this week with one of his special colds, but struggled valiantly this afternoon to click the "Generate" button on the random number generator gizmo, and the winner is......



Contact me on with your address, and a note of whether you would like me to include some decanting tackle with the kit. Please also let me know if you are already familiar with Puredistance 1 or would like a sample to try.

In due course I would be most interested to learn what formulations you come up with! It is fun to give your scent creations a name too, the way clients do as part of the "full service" Perfume Studio experience.

(NB Please claim your prize by April 27th, or I will enlist Mr Bonkers' services again to pick another winner. : - ) )


Anonymous said...

Do you mean me?

(Faints, lands on mad cat, is revived swiftly by bad moggy breath and strategically placed sharp teeth/claws??)

Better fire up the email ...

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh, reading backwards again.

Vanessa said...

Hi Anna,

Colour you flabbergasted - yes I do!

Prize will be despatched shortly...