Sunday, 19 May 2013

BBC Radio 4's 'You And Yours' Programme - Perfume Interview With Lizzie Ostrom (Odette Toilette) & Kate Williams

I was making lunch unusually early last week (between 12 and 1pm!) when I chanced upon this interview on Radio Four's 'You and Yours' programme with Lizzie Ostrom (Odette Toilette of Scratch+Sniff events fame) and Kate Williams, a perfumer with Seven Scent, a company based in Manchester specialising in functional fragrances.  The eight minute segment kicks off with a reference to the economy and the so-called 'lipstick effect', and how this could equally be said to apply to perfume.  We are apparently spending three times as much on scent as bread, would you believe? - though I suppose a loaf is only about a quid, and some people eat cereal for breakfast ;-).  The discussion moves through into a consideration of the emotional role perfume can play in people's lives and the concept of a scent wardrobe.  Lizzie describes herself as a 'perfume floozy' - hey, we can all relate to that!

The clip itself doesn't appear to be available for embedding here, but you can listen on the BBC site.

You and Yours perfume clip


annemariec said...

Oh that was nice, many thanks. I just got myself settled on the couch with a cat on my lap when it ended, sadly. Glad to hear Diorella mentioned.

I've been overwhelmed with work too; just finished juggling a four day conference with normal work and housework at home over the weekend. Blah. Training course all day tomorrow. More blah. 24 Faubourg got me through a tough, long day today.

Vanessa said...

Hi annemariec,

It was pretty short and sweet, but quite fun! I am glad you could access it - it is good how more and more programmes are available online these days.

Diorella was a nice choice - it is under the radar rather as Dior scents go.

Sorry to hear you are stacked out with work as well - 24 Faubourg sounds like just the sort of olfactory armour your tough schedule demands!