Sunday, 24 May 2015

Results of the Bonkers milestone giveway!

So, once again the deadline has passed for the latest Bonkers giveaway of a decant of Bright Earth Parfums Eau de Earth edp. In time-honoured tradition, I drafted a list of all the interested parties, and prepared a set of balls of wool to represent each person - you know, like those Lotto bouncy ball-type things but less bouncy. It was quickly apparent to me that the differential sizes could be a bit of an issue in terms of loading the odds towards whoever was the big purple one - or even the slightly smaller purple one - so I abandoned that idea and had recourse instead to, that stalwart virtual tombola for when it is simply too much faff to mess about with more equitable alternatives like hats and bits of paper.

And so, according to, the winner is:


Congratulations, Gil! Please let me have your address details so I can covertly send you your prize to Canada.

Oh, and at Undina's suggestion, I do plan to write a follow up post specifically on people's reactions to the box of Eau de Earth - I held a sort of mini-focus group about it over on Facebook and there was what I can best describe as a 'lively response'.

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