Sunday 25 October 2009

"Wanna swap????"

I am currently in between contracts (I don't think it is customary for market researchers to say they are "resting"), so I have been doing a lot of perfume swapping on Makeupalley. It is an excellent way to upgrade and refine your collection with minimal outlay. It can also be a source of some irritation, especially when people approach you with the peremptory opener: "Wanna swap???"

Yesterday I was asked if I "wanna swap???" for Jessica McClintock. Well, I have no idea who Jessica McClintock is, but clearly - on principle - I cannot possibly want her or her perfume, if that is what was on offer.


lovethescents said...

Completely agree. There is some etiquette involved on Makeupalley. For things to run smoothly and effectively, there are always it or not.

Vanessa said...

Not least being specific about what you want and can offer in return!