Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bonkers Is Having A Perfume Bottle Yard Sale!

So 2013 is here - out with the old, in with the new and all that jazz. Or in my case, just out with some of the old is more like it, because I really shouldn't be encouraged to buy ANY MORE NEW STUFF, perfume included. I am not saying it is a formal New Year Resolution of mine on the perfume front to rein in spending, so much as a self-evident truth when you look at the overcrowded Vietnamese-boat-people-state of my two fridges. As for a yard sale, that was obviously a metaphor. My garden is in no state to serve as the venue for anything other than snowman making - or possibly fashioning a huge factice of perfume out of the white stuff. Anyone fancy having a go? A friend's son recently erected a snow replica of Stonehenge in their garden in Brighton, which will doubtless become a major tourist destination during the cold snap. After all, that stretch of the A303 in Wiltshire is so congested at the best of times.

But I digress. So...because of the space constraints in my fridges, meaning that it is damnn near impossible to find anything without half a dozen bottles topping headlong on to the carpet as soon as you tentatively start to rummage inside, I have decided to hold a January sale of some of the perfumes I don't reach for very often - and wouldn't even do so if they were easier TO reach for in the ram-packed jumble that is their current home. And if anyone is in any doubt as to why I need to edit my perfume collection, here is a snap of one of my fridges - I only dare picture one! - in its parlous state of groaning profusion.

I do have some more bottles I haven't listed, either because they are so obscure that I doubt anyone would be interested, or conversely because they are too drugstore-y and cheap (the Lidl ones, for instance, great dupes of designer scents though they may be!). Included in this category are also a few fragrances that were sadly unwanted gifts, and though I don't think the friends in question are likely to be reading, to spare their feelings I would rather not list them here.

If any of the perfumes listed appeal - or if you are curious about the other ones - drop me a line on


and I can give you guideline prices, which I am confident you will find reasonable. I can ship anywhere in the world with postage added at cost, but it is worth just mentioning that depending on your location, the cheaper / heavier bottles may cost a disproportionate amount in shipping relative to their value - I expect you can get a good idea of this just by looking at them. Am thinking of J-Lo Deseo in particular, which would make a handy paper weight - or cosh - come to think of it. I have boxes for quite a lot of the perfumes, which I would send with them, possibly flatpacked to avoid undue squashing.


Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile EDT 50ml (two thirds full)

Creed Love in Black 75ml (it's anybody's guess how much is left! Seriously though, I think I have only decanted half of it at most, and the price would reflect this uncertainty.)

B by Boucheron 50ml (almost full)

Jo Malone Lotus Blossom & Water Lily 100ml (two thirds full)

Penhaligon's Lily & Spice 50ml (80% full)

Estée Lauder Intuition 30ml (two thirds full)

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 50ml (80% full)

Kenzo L'Eau par Kenzo Indigo pour Femme 50ml (a bit over half full)

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist 30ml (70% full)

Let me know if any of these grab you. To be honest, I could happily lose a ton of decants too, but the administrative effort versus potential space-saving returns may not quite stack up with those!


Kathy Bungard said...

It must be catching! I put a few of some I found I just wasn't turning to very often up on ebay recently. They sold quickly, I'm sure yours will too.

Tara said...

All the best with sale, V!

It does feel good when you manage to move on a few albatrosses (sp?).

Vanessa said...

Hi Kathy,

Well done on your Ebay sale! I imagine you would attract a lot of potential customers there. And I could always try that if I don't shift the bottles in my "yard sale"!

Vanessa said...

Hi Tara,

Thanks! It will do if I get lucky. Even seeing a couple of albatrosses find new homes would feel like a weight lifting! : - )

Undina said...

You shouldn't be selling Jo Malone Lotus Blossom & Water Lily! It hasbeen discontinued and impossible to find! (I have a bottle so I don't need it but I can't bear the thought of you loosing it :(

Vanessa said...

Hi Undina,

Haha, I knew that and did wonder about whether I should hang on to the bottle as an "investment". And as there haven't been any takers so far, I probably will end up keeping it. But it is taking up a lot of room, and I don't care for it as I used to. It smells more aquatic to me now, though that is offset by the olfactory equivalent of little glittery bits of mica.