Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bonkers Goes Dutch!

Am off today to Holland to visit friends over the New Year - with luck I will return to something approaching a normal posting schedule next week (work permitting...).

Meanwhile, the forlorn lump of snot and misery that is Mr Bonkers (and I mean that most kindly!) is protesting at this latest abandonment. He is not sure that he will be up to solo Ribena-buying missions. In his darkest moments last night he muttered that he might expire completely in the first fifteen minutes following my departure, and that I would doubtless return on Monday night to find him half eaten by Charlie Bonkers. I am hoping that the cat would have the wit to pop round the neighbours if she was getting peckish, but you never know in an apocalyptic scenario of this nature.

So if you don't see any posts from me next week, you'll know that I am busy sourcing a guitar-shaped wheelie bin (despite Mr B's injunctions not to take any trouble over his funeral arrangements), and organising fellow musicians to play Django Bates' version of "New York, New York" at Mr B's wake. Though obviously I hope to find him sitting comfortably in front of the TV watching Sky Sports, tube of Pringles by his side, cat snoozing peacefully on his lap...

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potiron said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Vanessa. :-) I do hope very much to see posts from you next week. And not just because that would imply the survival of Mr. B. ;-)

Wish you a Happy New Year, guten Rutsch! 2010 was a good year - after all it was the year we got to know each other (now, am I know hopelessly cheesy? It comes with being Swiss. ;-)).

Here's to more get-togethers in 2011.

JoanElaine said...

If Mr. Bonkers is sure he's going to "expire", he'll need something stronger than Ribena to stave off the reaper! I shouldn't joke, as I am just as dramatic when ill.

Have a wonderful time in Holland, and happy new year!

ScentScelf said...

Going Dutch whilst splitting Bonkerses across borders...the mind boggles.

Oh, the helpless lump. A sad, sad sight. Saddest when I am said lump, but of course, but as our former President used to say... "Ah feel youah pain."

Guitar-shaped wheelie bin, ha! You know, there is pre-deceased could start sourcing it now, use it as furniture (snack holder for those Sky Sports games? a lounge for Charlie Bonkers? a repository for wayward perfumes?) now, and repurpose it later.

Ideally much later, of course. Like Potiron, I hope to see both of you return next week.

Until then, safe travels, happy visiting...and best of wishes for 2011.

Ines said...

Like all men who have a cold, I'm sure he'll survive but in the meantime, he'll make sure you know he feels like he's dying (been there).
Have a great time in Holland and I'm sure when you get back, Mr. Bonkers will be back to his healthy self.

Vintage Lady said...

Enjoy your time in Holland and I hope you won't feel too much cold. Best wishes for the New Year!

Carol said...

Have a most beautiful New Year, Bonks and hope your Mr. feels better soon!

Katy Josephine said...

'Lump of snot and misery.' Wow, that about says it all! Hope Mr. Bonkers is on the mend soon and that you are back to posting next week.

Happy New Year, Vanessa!

Vanessa said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your comments and a Happy New Year to everyone too!

As you can see from my latest post, Mr Bonkers is feeling much better and I had a "firecracking" time in Holland!