Friday, 26 November 2010

Down A Rabbit Hole But Popping Up On Ca Fleure Bon

It is a week since my last post, and predictably I have indeed disappeared down the rabbit hole of the monstrously large database alluded to in my Ormonde Jayne piece. The subterranean depths I currently inhabit are not of Chilean miner proportions, though it is getting to the point where food parcels would not go amiss. Mr Bonkers has eaten all the pizzas in the freezer and is just starting on the boxes. Conversely, Charlie Bonkers is enjoying Alaskan wild salmon - tinned admittedly - which was destined for human consumption in dainty sandwich form. However, we are right out of kibble, and though quite adventurous for a cat (creamy pasta sauce scrapings being a particular favourite), Charlie has not yet developed a taste for Cheerios.

But as luck would have it, my first post for Ca Fleure Bon appeared today over here. In true Blue Peter style (as UK readers over a certain age will understand), it is "something I prepared earlier".

My Ca Fleure Bon post is a tale of canine pulchritude and thwarted ambition, all loosely connected (would you expect anything more?) to the theme of perfume.

Now I had three posts in mind for this week, but I fear my time has not been my own. Indeed other people's time has also not been my own, with my seamless working transition from GMT to PST. Bonkers will be back, just as soon as I can nail this upcoming US trip, or sooner if I am feeling particularly fed up. If I had a dollar for every time I have listened to the message: "If you know your party's extension, you may dial it at any time", I would be so well off I wouldn't need to work at all. And the sad fact of the matter is that I know neither my party's extension, nor my party, nor - in some cases - whether I should be ringing that particular company in the first place. Frankly I am just grateful for any party who is a real person and picks up the phone. Most people are "away from their desk" so much of the time that they can't possibly really need one, so by my reckoning about 90% of the desks in any given office could be removed and recycled. Why, there's another green initiative no one has thought of...

And meanwhile, I give thanks for Thanksgiving, giving me a breather from all these main menus and voicemail graveyards!

Photo of Meg from Clare Chick's Flickr site

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  1. I wish you have a lovely Thanksgiving. It is the time when you thank God for his abundance of blessings which you cannot even count. He is merciful even though we are sinful.