Sunday, 28 November 2010

My Gourmand Eyebrows - The Sequel

Fifteen days after I had my eyebrows professionally shaped, Mr Bonkers finally noticed them this morning.

"You've been plucking your eyebrows again" he remarked sternly, frowning in disapproval. "You look all weird."

Drat!! I really thought I'd got away with it...


  1. I plucked mine into oblivion. I now paint them on every morning w/ Covergirl LineExact waterproof mascara; otherwise I'm as bald-browed as Queen Elizabeth the First. :)

  2. thanks for the laugh, Vanessa - my OH is just as quick as yours is at noticing differences. I find the word "Bless!" springing to mind.

    cheerio from snowy Edinburgh,

    Anna in Edinburgh

  3. Hi BF,

    Yes, old Mr Bonks is a tricky customer, for sure!

    Fundamentally, he doesn't like women "messing" too much with their natural appearance. I am having my highlights redone next weekend, a process he has taken to calling having "tarty redness" put in. To be honest, I have long since stopped worrying about his opinion on matters of personal grooming. : - )

  4. Hi Olenska,

    You must have got seriously carried away that time with your plucking technique to have ended up with an "Elizabethan"! If I am ever in the hands of an over zealous brow technician in future, I may come back to you for painting tips!

  5. Loved your earlier post re: eyebrows. Just read it a few moments ago. I have mine done by a Vietnamese woman who uses thread. I never thought I would let someone do that to me, but this lady is amazingly accurate, fast & efficient. She's an artist and I love how I look afterward. She'll also thread the fuzz on my jaw & upper lip line.

  6. Hi Anna,

    Yes, indeed, "Bless!" sounds like just the right response. : - )

  7. Hi queen_cupcake,

    Interested to hear that you have your brows threaded. That has always struck me as a bit of a black art, but one with impressive results as you can testify! It is some kind of high tech plaiting, I take it?