Friday, 18 February 2011

Grès Cabochard & Creed Jasmal: A Baby Boomer Birth Year, Bottled - New Post on Ça Fleure Bon

As the records of my birth are few and rather blurry for the most part, I decided to get in touch with my scented roots, and check out the perfumes launched in my birth year of 1959. You can read the upshot over on Ça Fleure Bon today. It's a bit of a Morton's Fork, as you will see...

Oh, and there is a prize draw to win a bottle of Creed Jasmal, the jasmine floral created for Natalie Wood in the same year I was released. : - )

Photo of me finding my feet - or not finding my feet, even - from the family archives.


ScentScelf said...

Oh, that is a fabulous photo. Off to find you in the other land...

Vanessa said...

Hi ScentScelf,

Despite this early training, I never actually won a sack race at school, would you believe?!

: - )

Undina said...

It's a nice article, thank you.

I'm not as good as you are with strangers' birthdays but for a long time I never needed to write down friends' and family's birthdays. Now I do it - just in case, for the future senile moments.

I'm working on my "scented roots": Chanel #19 is on my short "definitely to buy a FB" list.

Vanessa said...

Hi Undina,

Thanks for dropping by! I am having more and more senior moments myself, but birthdays seem to be exempt for some reason.

Enjoy your Chanel No 19 when you get it. That's a great classic.