Monday, 14 December 2009

Leonidas Break

Okay, so it doesn't have quite the same ring as "Kit Kat break"...

I am off to Bruges tomorrow till the weekend, on a trip with my mother-out-of-law to celebrate her 75th birthday. I should imagine that there will be more general sightseeing involved than perfume sniffing as such, but you may be sure I will check out any perfume shops that happen to cross our path... Not to mention the chocolate ones.


  1. Hope you're having a great time! Be sure to enjoy some hot chocolate and cake, as well as chocolate of course.

  2. Thanks, guys - you may be sure we sampled all of the above!

  3. gah typo! Anyway, "In Bruges" - recommended movie, albeit violeNt.

  4. I quite liked "violet"! : - )

    I LOVED the film, which did have a lot of swearing in, it's true, and references to - or acts of - every type of crime, taboo and perversion going. Glad I saw it after I had been, or I would have been looking up nervously every time I passed the Belfry.