Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas Break

Bonkers about Perfume is taking a short break for Christmas, as I am the reluctant Maitre D' of festivities in our household. Wish me luck with the turkey - cooking does not come naturally to me and I am always embroiled during the Christmas countdown in agonies of indecision about whether to roast the bird hard and fast or more slowly, with or without foil (whether tent only or fully wrapped in the stuff), in an oven bag, on a vegetable trivet, with or without bacon, with or without stuffing, brined or not, and with its legs pointing sideways or towards the back of the oven. Not forgetting upside down for all or part of the time. For I feel compelled to assess not only the entire spectrum of possible oven temperatures but also the karma sutra of turkey cooking positions! And it is of course true that if you are the least bit hesitant during the cooking process, the turkey, like Alsatians, can sniff fear. So that is what my kitchen will be mostly smelling of from tomorrow, when I embark on the stuffing and the soup.


(Or winter holiday thingy or other cultural equivalent... : - ) )

Hold on a minute....embroiling....that's another cooking method I should perhaps consider!


lovethescents said...

Oh good luck! How about a couple of chickens or a nice goose instead?

Merry Christmas!

Vanessa said...

Golly - I am not sure having three birds, from two different species (geese are even more alien to me than chickens!) would simplify matters. And - due to the preponderance of vegetarians in our party - it would mean we meat eaters would have a bird each, haha! Or a lot of leftovers. : - )

Hebe said...

I hope it all went well! Luckily I am not allowed near the oven on Christmas Day (or most other days). We were going to have just a chicken as there were only the three of us, but then ended up with two unexpected but very welcome guests and their turkey crown. Yummy.

Vanessa said...

It went okay, thanks. The vegetable trivet and foil tent method came up trumps! I inadvertently roasted a teaspoon in with the bird which may have given extra body to the juices. : - )