Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Forlorn Festive Fragrance Fantasies - The Luxury Atomiser

I spotted this gorgeous set of Hermes travel atomisers on the Fashiontribes website yesterday, and thought "I have to have it" - by which I mean I have to have that picture on my blog, to slaver and fantasise over in the countdown to Christmas. I even got as far as ringing up a Hermes store in London and inquiring about the price: £120 per 10ml atomiser - empty! For an extra £40 (varying according to the fragrance chosen), you can have the atomiser filled with your favourite Hermes scent, making a grand total of just £160 for 10ml of perfume.

Ah yes, okay, but is that atomiser not the most desirable small leather (and metal!) good on the planet? Money is irrelevant when it comes to things of such exquisite beauty. Or it would be, if I had just a bit more of it... For anyone with more cash to splash, the orange and brown colourways are the only ones left in stock till next year, though as the SA pointed out to me, they are the traditional Hermes colours. I was torn between the yellow and the orange, but the orange it would have to have been for now. I hope they do a lilac or magenta one next year, which I shan't be able to buy either, but if you are going to indulge in fantasies, they might as well be bespoke...!


  1. I can't believe how many are sold out! I guess the recession really is over....I'm happy for those indulging in that, ie, not me :-)

    Those atomizers really are beautiful, although I would prefer the juice, after all. Happy holidays!

  2. I think this may shape up to be an advent series...stay tuned! Terribly consumerist of me I know, but it costs nothing to drool, at least.

  3. You shall not be the only one craving ;-) I think they are really gorgeours, if they'd do one in pink/raspberry/magenta I would be even more impressed. Still, I did not make to a FB or a trial set (talking about financial crisis...) but it would be a splurge anyway. I am happy with Kelly Caleche, boring packaging, very wearable scent. I am fine without small leather bottles. For now;-)

  4. We will both have to be strong then, in these credit crunched times! And if they did bring out a raspberry/magenta one, we should see if they would consider a volume discount if we bought one each!

  5. Not wishing to you enable you, but they are a bargain compared to the cashmere robe that Derek Rose emailed to tell me about - an eye-popping £1,999.99 , though they would knock off 20% if I bought this weekend. It almost made the £500 Brora one look like bargain!

    In the meantime I still love the Malle travel spray casing on les Senteurs, I think that one is about £80...

  6. Your offer is reminiscent of my recent invite from The Times to attend a Wealth Management Seminar!

    But oh, I do love Brora and own one top and one scarf - in scratchier fabrics, it goes without saying...