Tuesday 12 January 2010

Design Your Own Perfume Invitation! - 23.1.10

For a milestone birthday last May, a friend bought me a voucher entitling two people to attend a workshop where you design your own perfume, bottle it, and even name it, all in the space of an hour! : - ) Clearly the creative process will have been compressed somewhat, with a few shortcuts taken, rather like the scent equivalent of a Betty Crocker add-an-egg cake mix. As the brochure makes it clear:

"Your signature blend will be formed from your choice of 18 exquisite blends....Each blend has been designed by a master perfumer famed for creating many of the fragrances that sell from high street shelves."

Once you choose your particular combination of blends, the consultant hosting the event will give you a choice of 20ml bottles and blend it for you. Then, having chosen a name for your new scent, you receive a certificate with the name on it and a list of the ingredients, so that you can go back in theory and obtain a top-up.

Also included in the experience is the option to purchase related products such as atomiser bottles, bath oils or creams scented with the fragrance you have just made.

The workshop will take place on 23rd January (Saturday) @ 12pm. As this invite is for two, and as the perfumista friends I know offline live too far away to attend, I thought I would offer the other place in the first instance to anyone out there in The Midlands, who could get to a location near Rugeley on the outskirts of Cannock Chase on that day.

Please contact me if you are free and interested, using the contact form at the very bottom of the home page. I will keep the place open till the weekend - in case people don't see it immediately - and if there are no takers, I will see if there is anyone in my "non-fumehead" circle of friends who might wish to go instead. Obviously I would rather someone came along who was "of the faith", even if we don't know each other!


lovethescents said...

Oh now this isnt' fair at allllllllllllll!!!! If only I lived a bit closer.....stupid Atlantic Ocean ruining my party!!

Sounds like lots of fun. Do let us know what you create :-)

Libertine said...

I received a voucer for The Perfume Studio for my birthday a couple of years ago and it was a really fun experience. I created a woody/floral/aldehydic fragrance which I called Storm in a Tea Cup. I think you will really enjoy it VM

Vanessa said...

Your perfume sounds brilliant, not least the name! I am thinking of doing a tropical number with vanilla and woods in the base, or maybe I will be inspired on the spot when I see what the prepared blends are exactly. If no blog readers from The Midlands come forward to take up the offer, I may drag Mr Bonkers' best mate along, who is a big fan of Penhaligons (Blenheim and Hamman Bouquet). But I am leaving the invitation "open to the floor" till the weekend.

Pip said...

How was it? I used to work in Lichfield, and often drove through Rugeley on my way through to Stafford for meetings.

I'd love to hear how you got on!

Vanessa said...

Hi Pip

The event was to have been tomorrow, but the lady running it is poorly, so she has postponed till next Saturday, 30th. You may be sure I will be posting a full report. : - )

Pip said...

What a shame! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it soon then.

(I'm shopping with Hebe next Sunday at Bicester, and I'm sure we'll be calling into Penhaligon's!)

Vanessa said...

Penny has now dropped - you are THAT Pip!! Coeur D'Ete Pip... Have a fab time in Bicester with Hebe and presumably the Hebelet. I so envy that child her fully fragranced future, speaking as a person who only really got into scent two years ago next week!